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METAXON MIX ® is a unique product combining Methandrostenolon and Yohimbine.

Methandrostenolone, used for decades as a very popular and effective means for the growth of muscles, brings one problem and that is excessive water retention. Excessive water retention causes a significant loss of muscle definition, as well as the excessive accumulation of adipose tissue. A   so did the idea to add to methandrostenolone the substance yohimbine.Yohimbe causes many effects in the body, including accelerated burning of body fat. This powerful fat burner also increases energy. Due to the strong effect of both substances, the combination of methandrostenolone with yohimbine brings great results, and that is massive increase in muscle mass simultaneously with the loss of adipose tissue. Users of anabolic steroids include Methandienone especially in the bulking phase, in combination with Sustanon-250, Decanol-200 and STANOX-10


CHEMICAL NAME: 17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-1,4-androstadiene-3-one

HALF-LIFE: 4.5 - 6 hours





CHEMICAL NAME: 17α-hydroxy-16α-yohimban-carboxylic acid methyl ester

HALF-LIFE: 0.25- 2.5 hours


Methandrostenolon (or methandienon) is basically a 17-alkylated derivative of testosterone with a double bond between the first and second carbon. It binds weakly to androgen receptors and therefore falls within the so-called steroids of II. Type. However, it compensates for the longer half-life and weak affinity for SHBG (binding globulin to sex hormones).It is by far the most popular steroid, and many athletes consider him the best steroid ever produced. Not for nothing it was known as the "Breakfast of Champions". Due to the high water retention it is obviously not a steroid suitable for a definitionperiod. However, it is an excellent substance for obtaining good strength and muscle mass in bulking phase. Although methandrostenolon differs from boldenone only by alkylation on the 17th carbon, its side effects are much stronger, especially at doses of 20-30 mg daily. Although its susceptibility to aromatize is weaker than that of testosterone, the resulting estrogen 17a-methylestradiol is much more potent than estradiol. Water retention and high blood pressure are therefore quite common, and already at low doses. Taking Clomid or Nolvadex during the cycle minimizes these effects. Methandrostenolon is also 17-alpha alkylated compound, which is quite toxic to the liver. Increase in liver function values occurs at doses above 10 mg per day. Although the use of methandrostenolone is generally associated with positive feelings of good cheer, at high dose (over 50 mg) it may result in an increase in aggression. This material is used to limit protein catabolism after burns, after difficult operations, in infectious and febrile diseases. It is also combined with other drugs in the treatment of osteoporosis. For women, in treatment of breast cancer and in Addison's disease. In children, the use of growth delays in puberty and also combined with other drugs in the treatment of various chronic diseases.


Although Methandrostenolon through the action of 5-alpha reductase changes into a highly potent 5-alpha dihydromethandrostenolon, the reaction takes place in the human body only to a negligible extent. Methandrostenolon is itself quite a bit androgenic, so in some cases there is extremely strong acne and hair loss appears. Taking Dianabol aready after a very short time undermines own production of androgenic hormones, so after discontinuation normally 80-90% gains in volume and strength disappear. Even a dose of 15 mg daily for 8 weeks lead in athletes to drop of body testosterone at a dramatic 69%. Other studies show a 30-40% reduction in the body's own testosterone after 10 days of treatment with doses of 20 mg. After the treatment, it is therefore required to use the PCT. When taking methandienone, one needs to think about the use of herbal liver protection substances for its regeneration. Yohimbine can badly affect your blood pressure, the paradox is that a small amount can raise blood pressure and large amounts can lower blood pressure. At high doses of yohimbine, there is a risk of paralysis or hallucinations.

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